How much connectivity is too much?

 We should never underestimate the power of convenience. Wearable computing can make things easier for users, and that’s enough to drive adoption.

In the 21st century majority of new ideas are focused around making current tasks more convenient and quicker. The ongoing development of the Internet of things has contributed to this convenient lifestyle by connecting all areas of our day-to-day schedule into wearable electronic devices.


However as the devices we wear to tell us our heart rate, how many steps we have taken and what chores need to be done become smaller and smaller are we conforming to a robotic lifestyle controlled by the internet?


  • Marketers are likely to exploit consumers through the ability to constantly interact! Innovation is endless as marketers can now transform their brands products into services that are constantly available. ON TOP OF THIS patterns can be found from analysing internet big data which means they can tempt you with products that match your prior interest! Your data is valuable to them…
  • Loss of jobs or requirement of new training. As the internet takes over and starts doing our previous day-to-day tasks/occupations, those who were previously in charge may be out of work.
  • Privacy violations will occur as we willingly submit our personal information into the online world. I think people disregard that the internet holds information forever and as we embed electrical sensors into all areas of our lives data will continue to be collected and exchanged allowing for people to be more easily monitored (even unknowingly!).


The ultimate con that occurs from constantly wanting to increasing connectivity and convenience and that the Internet of things is leading us to is, laziness.

As we introduce devices such as the Melomind that chooses a song based on brain activity and the Smart Belt that loosens and tightens your belt. I really wonder if it will come to a point where we will rely on the internet to complete even the simplest tasks and whether society will turn around and be bored with nothing to do.



What do you think? Are we taking it too far with connectivity? By 2030 will we have enough jobs to fill our day or will they be automatically programmed?




Check out this video to have a listen to an experts thoughts on the IoT takeover!





2 thoughts on “How much connectivity is too much?

  1. Firstly, great blogpost for this week and a very interesting one for readers as well!

    I truly agree that technology has transformed our world into a very “unsociable’ one. People nowadays look at their phones more times than looking at any single object/human being everyday. With that said, i feel that people are relying too much on technology to the extent that they can’t even live without it for a day.
    Just wanted to share my opinion on your question at the very end of your post, technology has undoubtedly improved our quality of live significantly over these few decades and we have to admit that we should slow down the advancement of these technologies. Sometimes taking a stroll in the park (without any devices) or having a picnic with family (device-less) would still make our day a very meaningful one!

    Have a great week ahead.


    1. Thanks Nick!

      In response to your input – do you think it will be up to those making the devices such as Apple to put a hold on the rapid changes and new developments to ensure society doesn’t become consumed by technology or do you think it requires individuals to stand up and say that we need some “device less” time. I think it is going to be really hard to say no to purchasing products if they continue to be created, however I think companies are too money hungry or looking to be the first innovative idea in new market areas to slow down this ongoing production. It is a worry – and have seen this in other areas such as global warming that regardless of the knowledge that this “technology epidemic” has begun, people will still be unlikely to do anything to slow it down.


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