SPAM – I don’t think I have ever logged onto my email account to see the unbelievable amount of emails I have acquired from various companies  that I can’t even remember signing up to.

Spam emails are firstly incredibly annoying and are usually the source of my clogged up mail account, officially spam is a form of mass commercial advertising that is low cost, is sent anonymously and is unsolicited by the recipients. In June 2016 research showed that Spam was responsible for 55.7% of all emails!

Why are people spamming when I never respond?

Even if you individually overlook the copious amounts of spam you are receiving, there are people who do click and respond to these messages. Facebook spammers are making $200 million by linking spam sites on fan pages on average $7000 a day.

Although society have had their email accounts spammed by the spammers of the world. It does not mean that we should disregard the ability of email marketing in a successful marketing plan. Despite the amounts of spam we are receiving, people still spend time reading emails and keeping up to date with promotions and news being sent to them.

Why should your business continue to utilise email marketing?

91% of consumers check their emails daily! You can be creative in the content you send out whilst also reaching thousands of potential consumers.  You have the complete attention of the potential consumer, and can narrow down the potential target group dependent on responses. Finally it is statistically proven that email marketing delivers a high ROI!

However if you are using email marketing it is important to make sure you…

  • Distinguish your content from Spam by ensuring the subject line is relevant (so consumers are attracted to the content)
  • Your email templates are accessible on all platforms (phone, tablet, laptop).
  • There must be an unsubscribe button for those who no longer want to be on the mailing list.


Consider when you send out your emails! Timing matters

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.26.02 pm.png

What are key things that make you open promotional emails in comparison to others? I know I am engaged by colour, discounts and when the frequency of the emails are not overloaded. Let me know your thoughts!




  1. Hi Anna! Great post!
    Interesting that email marketing is still so useful. It always seems like such an old school version of advertising but it just seems like nothing has replaced it yet! A strategy marketers can employ if they want to improve their email marketing, is knowing their audience base and segmentation. By analysing customers interests and previous online interactions marketers can then divide and more specifically target emails. For example, I often only end up opening emails that have to do with clothing brands such as ‘Asos’ or ‘Urban outfitters’ when I see that they are having an online sale. Check out this page as it has data to support the idea of list segmentation in email marketing: (
    If Spam accounts for over 55% then it seems that the other 45% is open for marketers to get there hands on!
    Thanks! Maddie


    1. I completely agree, I am always opening shopping brands emails to see if there are any sales. I think it definitely depends on the industry whether or not email marketing will be successful. I also often used it when overseas with discounts on and various flights! That segmentation website is really interesting and confirms that email marketing does also allow you to narrow down and identify your main target market.


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