SPAM – I don’t think I have ever logged onto my email account to see the unbelievable amount of emails I have acquired from various companies  that I can’t even remember signing up to.

Spam emails are firstly incredibly annoying and are usually the source of my clogged up mail account, officially spam is a form of mass commercial advertising that is low cost, is sent anonymously and is unsolicited by the recipients. In June 2016 research showed that Spam was responsible for 55.7% of all emails!

Why are people spamming when I never respond?

Even if you individually overlook the copious amounts of spam you are receiving, there are people who do click and respond to these messages. Facebook spammers are making $200 million by linking spam sites on fan pages on average $7000 a day.

Although society have had their email accounts spammed by the spammers of the world. It does not mean that we should disregard the ability of email marketing in a successful marketing plan. Despite the amounts of spam we are receiving, people still spend time reading emails and keeping up to date with promotions and news being sent to them.

Why should your business continue to utilise email marketing?

91% of consumers check their emails daily! You can be creative in the content you send out whilst also reaching thousands of potential consumers.  You have the complete attention of the potential consumer, and can narrow down the potential target group dependent on responses. Finally it is statistically proven that email marketing delivers a high ROI!

However if you are using email marketing it is important to make sure you…

  • Distinguish your content from Spam by ensuring the subject line is relevant (so consumers are attracted to the content)
  • Your email templates are accessible on all platforms (phone, tablet, laptop).
  • There must be an unsubscribe button for those who no longer want to be on the mailing list.


Consider when you send out your emails! Timing matters

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 1.26.02 pm.png

What are key things that make you open promotional emails in comparison to others? I know I am engaged by colour, discounts and when the frequency of the emails are not overloaded. Let me know your thoughts!



Dumb Ways to Die.. How did this go viral?

I am sure you have all heard the infamous catchy tune featuring dancing cartoons behaving in ways that lead them to their unfortunate death. Dumb ways to die, it was created by Metro Trains and McCann to create an awareness of the potential risks and the importance to be careful around public transport. Who would have thought that an advertisement for risk awareness would reach the iTunes top 10 chart in its first 24 hours, now have 100 million views and 4.8 million shares.



This campaign is a stand out example of Viral Marketing, a technique where existing social networks are used to promote a product with the help of consumers who continue to pass and share it a long through their networks.  It effectively works in the same way as a virus does.


So what made this promotional video stand out from others and be passed from computer to iPhone to tablet and back again for so long?

Firstly successful viral marketing campaigns are suggested to engage consumers to the point where they feel like they MUST show someone else. McCann successfully developed a campaign that would attract younger viewers who were not reacting to more traditional forms of advertising.

Viral marketing requires you to know your target audience and how to influence their behaviour

Focused on entertaining more so than advertising! Advertising messages that are entertaining have a higher chance of success in the digital context.

Because of this people watching were more likely to watch the entire clip rather than skip past.

The campaign was adaptable for the organisation to then slightly alter it to fit across various marketing platforms such as posters, apps, iTunes and billboards, increasing the campaigns longevity.

Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 10.45.40 pm.png

The campaign was interactive, as a new platform of marketing photoshoot ideas were incorporated to boost the publicity and awareness of the advertisement. Essentially the video characters became famous.Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 10.40.43 pm.png

They allowed creativity, in this case they allowed people to share their video and reenact it in their own unique way with no legal copyrighting required. Building sharing into your campaign is a vital component for successful viral marketing. This focus on encouraging user-generated content means that people feel more involved in the campaign as they can add their own bit of creativity to it.

Despite the marketing campaign of Metro Trains going viral, there has been concern about how successful the campaign was in regards to increasing safety and awareness around train stations. It has been recorded that a potential 20% increase in safety has occurred however this cannot be directly linked to the campaigns success. Do you think that the outcome in regards to safety is successful? If it wasn’t, does this mean the overall campaign was a waste?




Search Engine Optimisation, Your Key to Site Success

I initially thought that the first website that popped up on my Google search engine was the most popular site visited in the category of information I was looking for. It is more complicated than this and if you understand how these search engines work, you are WAY more likely to get your site in those top three spots.

Search engine optimisation helps to build websites that are understood by search engines as well as being optimal and accessible for those visiting them.  Ultimately understanding this will lead to an all over more successfully marketed site!

So what do you need to consider when creating your website?

Keywords: An example of this is in your titles, make sure each title is brief and descriptive in explaining the content on the page.

Mobile Friendly Design: Seriously important in today’s tech savvy society. Make sure your site fits with the Google mobile friendly search engine.

Breadcrumb & Internal Links: This refers to getting from page to page on the website. This is important for the user and search engine to navigate. (Don’t over do it 4 links per page is plenty!)

Description: This is where your page is summarised and what the reader will see from the search engine. Keep it brief to the point and avoid continuously repeating the title.

Link: make them easily understood, use hyphens to show spaces between words so the search engine can interpret! screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-8-43-20-am

ALTERNATIVELY you often see these “advertised” websites at the top of your page. This is called pay-per-click marketing. It does not try to incorporate usability and accessibility adhering to the SEO expectations instead these positions are auctioned. Despite it resulting in good accountability, money-saving and that it can be highly targeted, it often is an expensive and competitive process that is time-consuming and irritating to customers.

I think because we are aware that Google does promote ads and that these top positions have been paid for  we are almost less likely to click on them as we know they have not gained their position because of their superior relevance. To me this confirms that search engine optimisation is advantageous over Pay Per Click Marketing what do you think? Do you click on these advertised sites?








How much connectivity is too much?

 We should never underestimate the power of convenience. Wearable computing can make things easier for users, and that’s enough to drive adoption.

In the 21st century majority of new ideas are focused around making current tasks more convenient and quicker. The ongoing development of the Internet of things has contributed to this convenient lifestyle by connecting all areas of our day-to-day schedule into wearable electronic devices.


However as the devices we wear to tell us our heart rate, how many steps we have taken and what chores need to be done become smaller and smaller are we conforming to a robotic lifestyle controlled by the internet?


  • Marketers are likely to exploit consumers through the ability to constantly interact! Innovation is endless as marketers can now transform their brands products into services that are constantly available. ON TOP OF THIS patterns can be found from analysing internet big data which means they can tempt you with products that match your prior interest! Your data is valuable to them…
  • Loss of jobs or requirement of new training. As the internet takes over and starts doing our previous day-to-day tasks/occupations, those who were previously in charge may be out of work.
  • Privacy violations will occur as we willingly submit our personal information into the online world. I think people disregard that the internet holds information forever and as we embed electrical sensors into all areas of our lives data will continue to be collected and exchanged allowing for people to be more easily monitored (even unknowingly!).


The ultimate con that occurs from constantly wanting to increasing connectivity and convenience and that the Internet of things is leading us to is, laziness.

As we introduce devices such as the Melomind that chooses a song based on brain activity and the Smart Belt that loosens and tightens your belt. I really wonder if it will come to a point where we will rely on the internet to complete even the simplest tasks and whether society will turn around and be bored with nothing to do.



What do you think? Are we taking it too far with connectivity? By 2030 will we have enough jobs to fill our day or will they be automatically programmed?




Check out this video to have a listen to an experts thoughts on the IoT takeover!




A or B? Which website is best?

Starting a new business or idea involves various tasks and in today’s technologically fuelled society ensuring that an accessible, exciting and unique website or app are vital to success. A/B testing is a step you can take to avoid potential mistakes or let you try out a few possibilities if you can’t make a decision!

A/B Testing –> Essentially you have two versions of the element you want to test (e.g. website) and a metric is used to determine success (e.g. most people who purchased, went to next page). FINALLY you can see what variables are working successfully on your marketing tool and what are not.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.19.23 pm

Compare it to your year 10 science class where you changed 1 or two variables to see what difference it made however you might be more inclined to find the best result in this case!

Who has used A/B Testing??


In 2008 Obama’s presidential campaign team decided that the success of their website campaign would be the difference of millions of dollars and they were right! Compare the two home-pages and guess which was the winner.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.10.28 pmScreen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.10.39 pm


Two simple changes: swapping the “sign up” button to “learn more” and changing the headlining picture to capture more emotion resulted in 40% increase in sign- ups and an estimated additional $60million!

So it is confirmed that A/B testing is being used, even if we don’t know it. 

Now you want to start an A/B test. 

Where to begin?

What to test?

Here are some of (what I view as) the key areas that you can focus on and alter between your two websites. Find out which one gives you the best results!

  • Layout – often hard to make a decision on, homepage format and contents of site
  • Call to actions – word placement, font and wording (All very important variables that can make a big difference!
  • Images – how big, where they are, how effectively they convey a message
  • Detail – do you want your website to me simple, straight to the point or hold a lot of information?

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 4.39.25 pm

I think A/B Testing is a very straightforward measure of effective market research. I think it is practical and produces thorough information that can lead to drastic changes in consumer response. If i was to start up a website I would definitely experiment with this sort of testing as ultimately you can stop the testing when it suits you and could result in important gains. What do you think?


Want to see who else has used A/B Testing?

Check it out here



6 Reasons We Choose To Uber Over Taxi

When customers are looking for  a product or service to satisfy their need or fuel their wants there are various considerations that come into mind before making a purchase decision. Ultimately the first point of action to assess the “customer value” is to weigh up the benefits of the product in comparison to the costs.

Customer value people have towards optional purchases can be broken down into 4 categories

  1. Functional – attributes and performance
  2. Experiential Value – sensory and emotional values
  3. Symbolic Value – self-identity, social meaning, personal meaning
  4. Cost/Sacrifice Value – psychological, personal investments, risk


6 Reasons we Choose Uber over Taxi’s..   

1. Better service,  free water and Mentos throughout the journey

2. CHEAPER than taxis

3. SAFER! Unlike taxis Uber drivers and passengers have online profiles

4. QUICKER! “Australians save a minimum of 3 minutes every time they Uber over Taxi”

5. Easy App Fare Splitting – good for social outings with friends

6. Rewards and opportunities for free rides

A customer consciously and subconsciously weighs up the pros and cons between competitors offering similarly products. Uber effectively has utilised Smith and Colgate’s Model of Customer Values by providing a functional service that offers more versatility and extras in its market with taxis. Moreover it clearly displays multiple areas of cost/sacrifice value by providing quicker rides whereas often with taxi’s people invest a lot of time waiting for their transport.

How can Taxi’s compete with this customer value?




Will a company be able to compete without social media? A checklist for beginners!

Who am I if i do not exist in cyberspace?  Who am I if I cannot be found on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?


For clothing brands, businesses and food havens social media presence is vital for marketing success.

When I start to get hungry I immediately jump onto Tripadvisor to google the top 5 breakfast locations in my vicinity then I move onto instagram to make sure the pictures match what I am after. Does it matter that I do not know these people personally? Not at all, and companies need to watch out as 55% of users make purchase decisions based on the first 5 reviews they read, and if you are not being reviewed about then how do I even know you exist?

175 million users registered with Facebook in 2009. Organisations who do not utilise this platform could essentially be missing out at the possibility of targeting this segment of the  market directly.

Understandably there are some reasons organisations do not engage in an active social media presence such as lack of knowledge, time and funds. Despite this there are many various platforms that all require different levels of engagement that should and could be considered.

For those who are just starting out a great way to begin is to devise a “social media strategy.” This will give you a timeline and procedure of how you are going to boost your online presence.

Social Media Strategy

  1. Executive Summary – budget, objectives, reason for social media marketing
  2. Benchmarks and Metrics – what success are you looking for? what factors will be affected by SM marketing.
  3. Communication platforms – what SM platforms do you want to be on? How do you use these platforms and what results do you want from them individually?
  4. Key Influencers – Who is going to thrive on your brand’s marketing offers and further push your products and brand identity?
  5. Next Steps – Actions, plans

A strategy is a good beginning as you can see your targets and what you prospectively want to occur.



It is a brutal competition out there and your only element of control with external social networking is to ensure the flow of continuous happy customers. McDonald’s may need a rain check on their #McDstories

These #McDStories never get old, kinda like a box of McDonald’s 10 piece Chicken McNuggets left in the sun for a week