6 Reasons We Choose To Uber Over Taxi

When customers are looking for  a product or service to satisfy their need or fuel their wants there are various considerations that come into mind before making a purchase decision. Ultimately the first point of action to assess the “customer value” is to weigh up the benefits of the product in comparison to the costs.

Customer value people have towards optional purchases can be broken down into 4 categories

  1. Functional – attributes and performance
  2. Experiential Value – sensory and emotional values
  3. Symbolic Value – self-identity, social meaning, personal meaning
  4. Cost/Sacrifice Value – psychological, personal investments, risk


6 Reasons we Choose Uber over Taxi’s..   

1. Better service,  free water and Mentos throughout the journey

2. CHEAPER than taxis

3. SAFER! Unlike taxis Uber drivers and passengers have online profiles

4. QUICKER! “Australians save a minimum of 3 minutes every time they Uber over Taxi”

5. Easy App Fare Splitting – good for social outings with friends

6. Rewards and opportunities for free rides

A customer consciously and subconsciously weighs up the pros and cons between competitors offering similarly products. Uber effectively has utilised Smith and Colgate’s Model of Customer Values by providing a functional service that offers more versatility and extras in its market with taxis. Moreover it clearly displays multiple areas of cost/sacrifice value by providing quicker rides whereas often with taxi’s people invest a lot of time waiting for their transport.

How can Taxi’s compete with this customer value?