Search Engine Optimisation, Your Key to Site Success

I initially thought that the first website that popped up on my Google search engine was the most popular site visited in the category of information I was looking for. It is more complicated than this and if you understand how these search engines work, you are WAY more likely to get your site in those top three spots.

Search engine optimisation helps to build websites that are understood by search engines as well as being optimal and accessible for those visiting them.  Ultimately understanding this will lead to an all over more successfully marketed site!

So what do you need to consider when creating your website?

Keywords: An example of this is in your titles, make sure each title is brief and descriptive in explaining the content on the page.

Mobile Friendly Design: Seriously important in today’s tech savvy society. Make sure your site fits with the Google mobile friendly search engine.

Breadcrumb & Internal Links: This refers to getting from page to page on the website. This is important for the user and search engine to navigate. (Don’t over do it 4 links per page is plenty!)

Description: This is where your page is summarised and what the reader will see from the search engine. Keep it brief to the point and avoid continuously repeating the title.

Link: make them easily understood, use hyphens to show spaces between words so the search engine can interpret! screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-8-43-20-am

ALTERNATIVELY you often see these “advertised” websites at the top of your page. This is called pay-per-click marketing. It does not try to incorporate usability and accessibility adhering to the SEO expectations instead these positions are auctioned. Despite it resulting in good accountability, money-saving and that it can be highly targeted, it often is an expensive and competitive process that is time-consuming and irritating to customers.

I think because we are aware that Google does promote ads and that these top positions have been paid for  we are almost less likely to click on them as we know they have not gained their position because of their superior relevance. To me this confirms that search engine optimisation is advantageous over Pay Per Click Marketing what do you think? Do you click on these advertised sites?